Dilbert: Movie of the Decade?

This guy loves Dilbert. Don't you?

This is the best news Matthew Brock’s heard since PAX debuted Archie’s Weird Mysteries in 1999: Scott Adams’ ’90s-hit, now-whatever comic strip, Dilbert, is making the leap from newspaper to the big screen (after making a maligned jump from paper to UPN). Legendary if-not-greatest-of-all-time auteur Ken Kwapis (He’s Just Not That Into You, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Dunston Checks In) is set to direct the live-action film, which is already expected to shatter box office records. Kwapis’ somewhat shoddy work directing The Office (“Diversity Day,” “Gay Witch Hunt”) has some clamoring that his experience will translate into a derivative adaptation — one where Dilbert swoons office colleague Alice while his incompetent boss ruins the atmosphere. These critics obviously didn’t notice Kwapis’ uncanny style and unique vision in 2007’s groundbreaking, art-house film License to Wed, where he took the most mundane subjects (Mandy Moore, Jon Krasinski) and created an unequivocal masterpiece. In other news, sarcasm makes a whopping comeback.

Ohhhh, Dilbert! Will you ever learn?!


One response to “Dilbert: Movie of the Decade?

  1. What about a movie where marmaduke meets dilbert?

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